NRHS PTSA is for everyone.

We support NRHS students and families.

Your PTA dues directly support: FamilyU educational workshops, Senior Graduation Events and Teacher Appreciation and Grants.


We keep our members informed about the latest news in PTA and school activities with timely email newsletters.

2021-2022 Executive Board

President: Sing Lathan

President Elect: unfilled

Treasurer: Suzanne Pappalardi

Secretary: Carrie Fox

VP of Communication: Kay Khusial and Amanda Torres

VP of Legislation: Chris Daniello and Jennifer Vivolo-Carsen

VP of Membership: Kristine Sharp and Kristin Smith

VP of Ways & Means: Tita Damiani and Mary Monzon

NR PTA Council Representative: LaThell Smith
NR PTA Council Alternate: Dorecia Hoffman

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